HALFEN DEHA 6325 Wireløft

The DEHA 6325 Lifting loops are used to lift precast reinforced concrete elements.

The lifting loops are identifi ed with a colour label marked with the name of the manufacturer, year of production and load group information.

The lifting loops are always installed in the open top surface of the precast element. A longitudinal or lateral orientation is possible. The minimal element thickness (b and 2 × er) must be observed.

The loop-end with the ferrule is positioned in the formwork. The embed depths t and u must be observed. The identifi cation label on the lifting loop must remain visible after casting the concrete.

Crane hooks can be connected directly to the protruding lifting loops. Make sure that the cable loops are not subjected to bending when storing the precast elements.

The product information describing the installation of DEHA Lifting loops must be kept available in the precast plant and on the construction site. Observe the regulations for hoisting and lifting equipment according to DIN EN 13414 and the VDI BV-BS 6205 guidelines.