PSI Asbestos-Free Fiber Cement Wall Sleeves

Gereral Information

An economic and secure method to seal hydrostatically
PSI asbestos-free fiber cement wall sleeves are – in connection with PSI LINK-SEAL® or Compakt seals – the right accessory whenever steel, cast iron, copper or plastic pipes pass through walls, ceiling or floors.


Asbestos-free fiber cement, consisting of cement and fiberglass, color light grey. Material class A1 according to DIN EN13501-1.


Corrosion resistant, leak-proof against pressing water, electrically insulating, non-inflammable, high stability, good connection with concrete, can be coated, circumferential grooves, smooth inner walls, high dimensional stability, split version available for retrofitting, all lengths from ND 80-800 sizes up to max. 1,200 mm available.
The sleeve can either be set in concrete, walled in or be plastered into a wall penetration to be water-tight. The circumferential grooves on the outside provide a water tight and homogeneous bonding with the building. For usage in a concrete pool or container, the wall sleeve can be backed with a coating of the concrete construction. Function and compound of the wall sleeve with the concrete is certified by the MFPA-Leipzig up to 5 bar.
In connection with our original PSI LINK-SEAL® or Compakt seals, an absolutely pressure and water tight sealing of the annular space between fiber cement wall sleeve and pipe will be achieved.

Order description

Fiber-cement wall sleeve, ND size, length. Version: closed/split. For split version additional putty is necessary. Available as a set with spacer, container at 1kg. Consumption about 125 g. per 100 mm sleeve length.

PSI PVC Wall Sleeves

PVC wall sleeve suitable for concreting or bricking in. They are supplied in standard lengths of 400 mm and can be easily trimmed to the wall thickness on site.

PSI Steel Wall Sleeves

An economic method to seal hydrostatically

When penetrating steel, cast iron, copper or plastic pipes through walls, ceilings or floors, PSI wall sleeves are the best method to create a perfect hole inside the wall and provide best conditions for a seal to work.

Wherever the LINK-SEAL® modular seal is used to seal the annular space between the carrier pipe and the wall penetration, it makes sense to use the PSI wall sleeve.
PSI wall sleeves are made of welded or seamless steel pipes. They are galvanized to protect them against corrosion. Other corrosion protection measures are available upon request (e.g. electrostatic powder coating).
The standard PSI sleeve is supplied with a welded-on anchor flange. It acts as an annular water-stop plate which provides a 100 % seal around the outer diameter and also serves as a wall anchor.
Further sizes on request.

PSI Integra-pipe/Integra-pipe 4.0

The PSI stainless steel wall penetration Integra-Pipe is cast in the concrete wall. It provides a seal against a range of media. The carrier pipes are fl anged directly to the cast-in penetration. The Integra Pipe assembly is carried out fl ush with the casing for a variety of applications such as sedimentation tanks, high-level tanks, shaft constructions etc. The flanges can be manufactured as welding neck flanges according to DIN 2632 (PN10) or smooth flanges (turned on all sides with reduced sheet thickness) similar to DIN 2576 (PN10). Other pressure stages available upon request. All connecting fl anges have cap nuts welded tightly on the back.
The stainless steel pipes used correspond to the ISO pipe range
1. The Integra Pipe is supplied with wall fl ange welded on the middle, an annular water stop plate that guarantees safe sealing of the sleeve outer diameter and also serves as a wall anchor. Integra Pipe is manufactured in S304 (V2A) (1.4301 or 1.4541) or S316 (V4A) (1.4571), other materials upon request. It is welded in inert gas and stained and passivated afterwards. On request Integra Pipe can be supplied sanded, without wall fl ange or with only one fl ange sheet (F-piece).
Integra-Pipe 4.0 with rubber wallcollar is max. 5 bar pressure-tight, with a pipe diameter from OD 32 to 315 mm. From a pipe diameter of OD 355 mm pressure-tight to 4 bar.


PSI  wall sleeves