PSI Original LINK-SEAL® Modular Seals

Fields of Application

Original LINK-SEAL® Modular Seals are ideal for sealing wall penetrations of gas, water and sewage pipes as well as cables (taking into account the calculation bases and the on-site suitability of the product):

  • Wall penetrations
  • Tank embedding
  • Casing pipe seals


  • High quality rubber parts ensure longest lifetime
  • Potable water-, oil-, fuel-, solvent-, and high temperature-resistant versions available upon request
  • Safe positioning inside walling
  • Perfect even for retrofitting
  • Easy and quick installation thanks to pre-assembled modules
  • Choice of zinc-plated or S316 (V4A) stainless steel bolts
  • Different colours for different rubber qualities
  • Electrically isolating
  • Hydrostatic sealing against pressing water
  • Original product with longest lifetime experience on the market

The principle

The radial expansion of the rubber ensures a permanently pressure tight and secure sealing of the annular space. For very thinwalled plastic pipes e.g. pre-insulated, fl exible and corrugated pipe systems, a PSI Compakt seal type FW and WR Super Soft is recommended.


The inside of the core drilling should be coated in order to protect the reinforcement. Therefore we recommend using core hole sealing respectively epoxy resin

Implementation KTW/W270*

The KTW/W270 version is used whenever the seal comes into contact with potable water such as such as elevated tanks and potable water tanks, etc.

  • Temperature resistance from -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Pressure tight up to 5 bar

* Elastomer tested in accordance with KTW and W270

LINK-SEAL®with FHRK – Seal of Quality

FHRK testing basis GE 101 Modular Seals
Test report no. G 30 322-6-2

  • Original LINK-SEAL® Modular Seal Type C
  • Original LINK-SEAL® Modular Type S31


PSI Original Link-Seal