PSI Coating of Core Drillings

KB Epoxy resin

The epoxy resin is a two component system.The material was especially developed to seal concrete e.g. walls in which a hole was drilled. The coating can be used indoors and outdoors as a non-porous protective coating for concrete, fibre cement, steel, wood and other materials. As soon as the white coating is fully hardened the surface is smooth and viscoplastic and insensitive to shocks. In addition the material is highly resistant to many alkaline and acids as well as to seawater.

How to use

The core drilled hole epoxy resin is supplied as a set with the brush (40 cm long) and a pair of latex gloves. You can use the resin at ambient temperatures of 5 °C upwards. Please clean the surface and dry it carefully by pre-heating the surface.Smooth surfaces should be treated with an abrasive cloth (grain size 60 or rougher) and then remove the abrasive dust. Mix the curing agent in the tin with the liquid plastic and stir well. Then use the brush supplied to apply the coating. The thickness of one layer should be approx. 0.25 mm. If necessary you can apply up to three layers.

Technical Data

Pot life at 20 °C: approx. 90 min., higher temperatures shorten the pot life
Drying at 20 °C ambient temp.: min. 12 hours
Max. working temperature: max. 70 °C
Total weight (Content): 1.1 kg, suitable for approx. 3.5 sqm
Colour: white

Core Hole Sealant Set

General information

The Core Hole Sealant is delivered as a set consisting of a primer and a special paint each containing 0.33 litres.

The colorless primer creates a perfect adhesion base, closing small pores and capillaries in the concrete. The special paint used is a chlorinated rubber paint in pebble grey which, when combined with the primer, creates optimal sealing for core drilled holes and protects any exposed rebars from corrosion. The coating is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as a non-porous protective coating for annular space seals. As soon as the coating is fully hardened, the surface is smooth and insensitive to knocks and shocks.

How to use

The system can be used at an ambient temperature between +5 °C and +30 °C. Please clean the surface to be coated and dry it carefully by pre-heating it. Smooth surfaces need to be roughened beforehand with an abrasive cloth, corn size 60 or rougher. The abrasive dust needs to be removed afterwards. Stir the contents of the container well before use. Apply the primer with the supplied brush evenly. After the primer has cooled off for ca. 1 hour the coating can be applied.

The thickness of a layer of special paint should be approx. 0.1 mm per layer – up to

three layers can be applied as required. After application, carefully close the container.

If properly stored as instructed, the paint can be reused.

Technical data

Base coat, Contents: 0.33 Litre, suitable for approx. 1.5 sqm

Color: clear

Drying at 20 °C: Can be painted over after approx. 1 hour

Special paint, Contents: 0.33 Litre, suitable for approx. 1 sqm2

Color: pebble grey

Drying at 20 °C: Seal can be installed after approx. 12 hours

Working temperature: min. -10 °C up to max. +50 °C


PSI Coating of Core Drillings